Custom Plaques for Dedications & Memorials

Just in case you did not get to see our recent announcement on this blog, is going in a new direction. As we move into the future, we will focus on offering memorial and dedication plaques. They will be just as customizable as our other products, and we will maintain the same standard of quality as we have over the past 26 years.

Since publishing this declaration, we decided that we should go into greater detail on the items in the spotlight. Here is some information on dedication and memorial plaques, including their uses, the materials used to make them, and the places where they can go.

What are Dedication and Memorial Plaques?

Dedication plaques are engraved cast tablets that pay tribute to a person or people, whose names and deeds are typically engraved on the tablet. Memorial plaques are much the same, except that they specifically honor the life and contributions of a person who has passed. These plaques are designed to communicate what makes their honoree so special. Information will almost always include their name and may include some text describing what they did in life, or perhaps their relationship with the person who commissioned the plaque.

Outdoor Garden Dedication Plaques

Metal Plaques

These plaques can be made from all kinds of hardy material, from tough plastic to aluminum to cast bronze. Anyone who wishes to go above and beyond can even get plaques made from gold and silver. We chose all of these materials for our products because they can withstand the elements and last long. After all, aside from giving information on a specific person or group, the most important aspect of these plaques is longevity. They must be able to tell their story for a long time — or, if possible, for all time.

How to cast plaques

Where Can You Use Them?

You can definitely give plaques to other people as personal keepsakes. Dedication plaques can be gifted to the honorees themselves, while memorial plaques can be bequeathed to the loved ones of the deceased. The latter can also be used in place of a headstone for those who were cremated or otherwise not buried in a grave.

Headstone Placards

With that said, you can also place these plaques in public with permission from the right people. You may be familiar with outdoor memorial plaques for trees, park benches, and even tiles on the grounds of certain buildings and campuses. Additionally, certain facilities and organizations accept payment for the installation of plaques on their premises. For example, a theater may engrave a small sign with a person’s name on one of their seats. This provides more opportunities to personalize the honor.

Dedicated Park Bench Plaques

To put it plainly, dedication plaques and memorial plaques are a special way to honor special people. Perhaps someone you knew came to mind while reading this. If you wish to go beyond in showing this person how much they mean to you, then is the right place.

We offer all kinds of plaques, and you can customize the text and graphics engraved on them. Your requests can then be created and shipped in as little as eight days. Look through our selection today and see which ones are most suitable for the person or people you most admire.

Some of our collection is featured below but there are many others to choose from to suit your purposes in our Dedication Memorial page.