Dedicate. Commemorate. Honor.
Dedication and Memorial Plaques are traditional metal markers that usually signify something of importance. Whether its a building, park, garden, person or historical happening they are a great form of commemoration. You may be asking yourself, but why are they so important? What's the point? The point is simple:

Memorial plaques most often mark the graves of a loved one and can shed a lot of light to the healing process of the deceased's family. It is important that we honor the memory of the ones we once held dear to us and cherish the footprint they have left on our hearts. What better way to keep that memory alive than a beautiful bronze or aluminum personalized plaque to signify their   remembrance?! 

The elegance and sophistication of dedication plaques are vastly important when dedicating a building, park or garden. These types of plaques are not only meaningful to the community that surrounds them but are also a great way to infuse a city with rich history about that building or a person involved with it. It's incredible to think that these types of plaques are everywhere we go, yet they have become so common we hardly notice them! Fortunately we offer a wide variety of unique and beautiful dedication plaques that will ensure yours to be distinguished from the rest!