Custom Engraving: Tips for Personalizing Trophies & Gifts

Everyone loves an award, however, adding a custom engraving is sure to result in an exponential increase in how much the recipient appreciates it. A generic trophy or statue is nice on its own, and it can still symbolize an achievement. A trophy or statue engraved with the recipient’s name and accomplishment, however, makes the moment truly personal. It marks the award, and all for which it stands, as theirs and theirs alone. No one can take that away from them.

With that said, a kind gesture may not be as effective if it is not done properly. Instead, the recipient may perceive it as a slight, or a sign that the one making the gesture does not truly care. Custom engraving requires thought — or at least enough attention to prevent an embarrassing mistake. To help you get it right, here is some advice to keep in mind when you think about ordering a gift and award with custom engraving.

Know How to Spell the Name

This advice may seem glaringly obvious, but we cannot emphasize its importance enough. There are many situations when a person may hand an award to someone they do not really know on a personal level. They have a duty to give the right name to the engraver without any mistakes. It may be another month for them, but it may be a momentous achievement for the other person.

One example is a manager running an Employee of the Month program. If the business is big enough, then many people will be eligible, including folks with whom the manager is not all that familiar. They are still responsible for getting their name engraved properly. If presenting the award in person, they also owe it to the other person to learn the correct pronunciation.

Knowing the spelling of a name should not be much of a problem if you are getting a gift for a friend or loved one. No matter what, though, you should double- and triple-check. Custom engraving is all about personalization, and nothing feels less personal than you claiming to honor them while getting their own name wrong. On the plus side, this extra work is as simple as looking up the person or asking them yourself.

Think Carefully for Any Additional Text

Engraving the name and the title may be all you need to personalize the plaque or statue. With that said, including some extra words in the inscription can make for a pleasant surprise and a more personal gift. You could describe the achievement itself, such as “For scoring the most goals in the season.” Alternatively, you could include a more common slogan, such as “In Gratitude.” Your only real limit is the amount of space on the plaque.

Despite that fact, you may still want to limit yourself in certain ways. Even if you think that you have the perfect idea, you may want to think it over. For example, writing a crude or goofy nickname may amuse a friend, but not an employee. Even your friend might be less than amused, depending on the context in which you hand them the gift. You need to have a good understanding of your relationship with the intended recipient and choose the tone and words accordingly.

Thinking carefully is not just about finding potential pitfalls and avoiding awkward situations. Being considerate also means brainstorming how it can be better. For instance, if a friend or loved one is starting a new desk job, you may not want to include their current job title in your gift award. After all, they might move up to something better — or, for whatever reason, change companies or careers. Instead, you could write something that relates to a fundamental part of their being, something that will not change. They can take it with them wherever they go and rest assured that you know them so well.

Consider Going Beyond Placeholder Options

When you think about a customized inscription for a trophy or plaque of some kind, you may think of an extra line of text. The truth is that you can do much more. For example, have you ever thought about how the text should look? The engraving company of your choice may let you specify the size of the font and even the style of the font itself. You can alter these aspects to further personalize the work.

The inscription does not even need to be just text. Logos are not uncommon, considering that trophies are most frequently associated with the victories of sports teams. Other kinds of graphics, such as symbols, caricatures, and original artwork, can add flair to the design. When you look at engraving shops, find out if they accept graphics.

Find a Business Offering High-Quality Custom Engraving

You can find quite a few businesses out there that offer custom engraving for gifts and awards. Not all of them, however, offer the kind of quality service you should want. Some impose tough restrictions on what you can put on the inscription. Others only provide a few kinds of products that may not fit the situation well. Many will charge imposing fees for customizing the trophy at all, or even charge for each character.

The result of all these concessions you make may not even be that satisfying because of a weird font, low-quality printing, or other cost-cutting measures. Not every business is like this. You and the recipient deserve only the best, and finding the best does not have to be so difficult or come with so much sacrifice.

That is where comes in. Our business offers a diverse selection of awards, trophies, plaques, cups, and more, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. On top of that, we even offer custom engraving for almost every single product. Depending on the item’s materials, you can have the text of your choice sandblasted, sublimated, or laser engraved by our professionals. Best of all, this service comes at no extra cost. Visit our store and get in touch with us about custom engraving today.