Funny Trophies and Clever Engraving Ideas That Are Full of Laughs

Best All-Around. Most Improved. Most Valuable Player.

We're used to giving trophies and engraved plaques that are sentimental, meaningful, and serious.

However, who says awards have to be reverent all the time?

The next time you're ready to recognize a few standouts, consider mixing up your standard list of prizes and include some funny and offbeat ones, too! Check out these hilarious trophy and engraving ideas for inspiration and surprise your next crowd!

Funny Trophy Ideas

Ready to shake up the status quo a little? These hilarious trophies are an unexpected way to acknowledge the people who stand out for all kinds of special skills, talents, and accomplishments.

toilet trophy

1. Last Place Toilet Trophy

Anyone can vie for first place, but what about the last place? That deserves a little recognition, too!

You can call attention to the final contestant's flush-worthy performance with a toilet trophy! This is a classy and sophisticated way to thank him for his valiant efforts, even if they didn't result in the outcome he expected.

After all, a little humor might help ease the blow of this epic loss!

We offer two versions of this crowd-pleasing award: our five-inch tall Toilet Resin, and this six-inch tall Antique Gold Toilet Loser Award. He might have to flush his dreams of taking home the grand prize down the drain, but with this parting gift, he can never be a sore loser!

Horse's Rear Trophy

2. Horse's Rear Trophy

Yes, the rear end on this Bobble-Head Horse's Rear trophy really wiggles!

This is another way to poke a little good-hearted fun at a last-place winner. It's also a tongue-in-cheek way to call attention to someone who's been known to be a little short-tempered around the office!

Standing 5.5 inches tall, it's a quirky gag gift or novelty gift that's sure to delight for years to come.

Bowing Glove Trophy

3. Boxing Glove Trophy

Did a team member just deliver a knockout performance on a group project? Don't just mention her in the corporate newsletter write-up. Instead, pay permanent homage to her with this colorful Boxing Glove resin trophy.

At 9.5 inches tall, it packs a powerful punch and is a fun way to give credit to a job well done! You can also give this trophy to any sports nut you know, including fellow players on an athletic team or fantasy league.

Chili Cook Off Trophy

4. Chili Pot Cook-off Trophy

Reward his extra-spicy family heirloom recipe with a gift he can keep on his mantle for years! Our Chili Pot Cook-Off trophy is a fun and creative way to designate a winner at this year's corporate covered dish party.

You can also customize the wording on this trophy to celebrate any great cook you know. Does your uncle make a killer gumbo? Does everyone rave about your sister's beef stew? Your gift-giving efforts just got a little easier this year.

armchair athlete football

5. Fantasy Football Armchair Warrior Trophy

There are some football fanatics who leave it all on the field, giving their blood, sweat, and tears for the sake of the game. Then, there are armchair fans who love to talk smack to the referees from the comfort of their recliner!

Our Armchair Warrior trophy is the perfect way to commemorate a fellow league member who had an especially impressive season. He might not be able to throw a pass like the pros, but he sure knows how to pick them!

Funny Award Engraving Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect message to engrave on a plaque or trophy? You don't have to limit yourself to the tried-and-true sentiments. These funny sayings let you express your sense of humor and will keep everyone else laughing, too.

1. Change the Toilet Paper

Whether it's in your master bathroom or the one at work, there's always someone who uses the last coveted piece of toilet paper but fails to refresh the roll! That's why it pays to hang up a decorative sign in the powder room that reads:

"Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change the toilet paper. Be the change!"

A play on the quote often attributed to Gandhi, this engraving will really send a message! Engrave it on a wall plaque, hang it in a visible area, and notice the difference it makes.

2. Out Standing in Your Field

Do you know an avid hunter? What about a farmer or lawn care specialist?

This nine-inch Tall Hunter trophy is a great way to recognize their work and reward their talents. To add a little character to it, you can engrave it with their favorite pastime: "outstanding in your field." The nature lovers in your life will appreciate the pun!

3. You Worked Your Whole Life for This

It can be a little hard to know what to gift a recent retiree. After all, they just received the best gift of all: no more work for the rest of their lives!

Looking for a fun and humorous way to celebrate their new journey? Gift them a plaque that simply reads, "You worked your whole life for this!" They did, and it deserves to be recognized!

4. Thanks for Being Born

Sometimes, we all just need a pat on the back.

When someone special is having a birthday, this is the ideal time to simply thank them for gracing you with their presence! Pair a classic victory trophy with an engraved quote that simply says, "Thanks for being born." It truly was the work of a lifetime!

5. Not Even Close

What engraving pairs well with a last-place trophy? Consider etching the short-and-sweet phrase, "Not even close."

There's no beating around the bush, here! The recipient wasn't even remotely near the first place finish line. In fact, the grand loss was so impressive that it deserves its own acknowledgment and award. Better luck next time!

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