Recognition Award Plaques

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy,” the French novelist Marcel Proust once said. “They are the charming gardeners who make our souls bloom.” There are many ways to show your appreciation for the charming gardeners in your own life. One truly special token of gratitude is the recognition award plaque. Here is some information on how you can use these tablets for all the happiest occasions.

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Who Can You Recognize?

When we say all the happiest occasions, we mean all the happiest occasions. Plaques can be used to honor all kinds of people. If you run a school, you can get one for the front office to recognize the best teachers and faculty. If you run any kind of workplace, from a corporate office to a fast-food restaurant, you can use one to display the employee of the month.

Why is Recognition Important?

Award plaques can make a huge difference in the work environment. If you do not wish to simply take our word for it, then take the word of behavioral psychologists. Studies show that any public show of recognition and gratitude for employees can increase their productivity. More importantly, they are more likely to feel like their work has a real purpose, and that their bosses see them as valuable co-workers rather than cogs in a machine. This makes for a happier workplace and a more unified team.

Award Plaque Types

What are the Different Types of Award Plaques?

There are a few ways to classify the different types of award plaques. One is the materials used for the base. Many are made with wood, while others may be manufactured from glass or acrylic. Another is in terms of cost. Depending on the materials, size, and design, they may range from humble to quite fancy.

Moreover, plaques can have room for one engraving, or they may have multiple plates for multiple entries. The former is commonly used for awards that individuals can keep. The latter bears the nickname of “perpetual award plaques” because plates can be engraved out over time. This makes them useful for honoring employees of the month and similar prizes.

How Can These Awards Be Displayed?

Naturally, if one person receives a plaque for themselves, they may do whatever they please with it. However, if an award plaque is designed for employee appreciation, the people in charge will want to display it somewhere public and noticeable. This way, the honorees can rest assured that other people can see the plaque and appreciate them.

Custom Award Plaques

Custom Award Plaques

Here at, we vividly understand the power and potential of award plaques. They can not only reward high achievers but encourage everyone to go above and beyond. They can be seen as a gift, but they are so much more. Award plaques are a clear symbol of how much each and every person can contribute to a business’s overall success.

That is why we offer a diverse selection of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs through our online store. Check out our inventory of award plaques today and show your employees just how much they and their contributions mean to you.