The Best Personalized Wine Gifts

Celebrated Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho once wrote, “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” This sentiment probably sounds quite fine to the many wine lovers of the world, including those you may count among your friends. The question, then, is what can you offer to them as a gift — especially when they already have more than enough bottles at home?

Luckily, the wine-lover’s hobby can be enriched by more things than just the drinks themselves. There are plenty of accessories and useful tools designed to benefit that lifestyle. When you need help in brainstorming the best personalized wine gifts for a loved one, we can help with this list of ideas.

Wine Glasses

People can certainly drink wine straight from the bottle. They can also guzzle milk straight from the carton or press their mouths against faucets to consume tap water. Despite these objective truths, most folks seem to prefer the convenience of sipping beverages from a container of some kind, like a cup.

Of course, wine culture has developed a unique kind of cup specifically for enjoying their alcoholic drink of choice. Amateurs and connoisseurs alike appreciate the tradition of the wine glass. They would likely appreciate receiving one as a present. Decanters — which are made to separate the wine from additives that help with preservation but not so much with the taste — are another splendid gift idea.

Bar Sets

Many fans of wine would agree with the old proverb, “the more, the merrier.” This truism can apply to more than just drinks, naturally. For example, what could be better than the gift of a wine glass? The answer may well be the gift of two wine glasses, plus a decanter.

You can order and present these drinkware items together in a bundle known as a “bar set.” The lucky recipient will then be able to share the wine glass tradition with another person. That other person could even be you. No matter what, spreading the wine around can be a big part of the fun. Like we wrote: “the more, the merrier.”

Tumbler Cups

Wine glasses are not the only container worthy of being used for these beverages. Another option is the tumbler cup. It may be humbler in form, and many examples are designed for a variety of drinks rather than specifically for wine. However, it stands out for its functionality.

Tumbler cup technology is designed to preserve the temperature of any liquid it holds for a longer time than other containers. Coffee and tea can still taste freshly-brewed and piping hot, even hours after being prepared. Likewise, people can pour wine inside and not worry about it getting too hot or too cold.

Wine Bags

The perfect gift for your wine-loving friends and family members may not be available at the local liquor store or supermarket. Acquiring a new flavor from a far-off locale may be a winning idea. However, before you can introduce anyone to what might be their new favorite beverage, the bottle must survive the trip. The wine bag can help with that.

These products make it easier to carry wine bottles around, especially within larger bags or inside luggage. Their tough construction protects the bottle from cracking under the weight of other contents or the pressure of luggage handlers. Wine bags allowing you to bring exotic bottles back from your travels as souvenirs.

Wine Stoppers

Uncorking the wine bottle is a much-loved rite, especially when the pop is particularly explosive. Once you remove the cork, though, it can be tough to jam back inside. Too much force may result in pieces of the plug breaking off and contaminating the drink. Leaving the lid exposed may be just as bad while sealing or covering it with an insufficient topper can spoil the drink.

In case your intended recipient ever desires to save some of their wine for another night, wine stoppers may come in handy. These specially designed items perfectly slot into the neck of any bottle, protecting the wine from going bad in multiple ways. Fancier stoppers can add personality and style to the bottle, giving it a lovelier presentation.

Making the Gift Personal

All the different items mentioned above can be wonderful gifts on their own. They all serve a purpose that can bring numerous benefits to any wine-lover’s life. In addition to being functional, they can even be quite fun. With that said, special-order items tailored specifically to the person in question can be the most thoughtful and emotional gifts of all. You could go the extra mile and commission a professional to engrave or embed a message or graphic onto any of these products.

Customization opens the possibilities for what the gift itself can mean to the person who gets it. A common wine glass or tumbler cup could become a one-of-a-kind totem with the inclusion of the user’s favored toast or an oft-repeated slogan. Adding an image of the person’s face or a personal icon to a wine bag will make it unmistakable for anyone else’s at a party. Fun phrases, quirky graphics, and even the wine fan’s name are enough to help an otherwise average item stand out.

Personalized wine gifts, like any personalized gifts, can be a wonderful addition to any person’s life. More than most other present ideas, they can show that you know this person well and care enough to go this far for them.

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